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Ethos provides diverse services with a single focus - leadership

We enhance leadership vision by surveying your organization’s landscape and creating a dynamic strategy that will excite internal and external stakeholders.

We strengthen leadership practice by assessing your organization’s employees and developing their skills through customized training and coaching.

We build leadership capacity by maturing your organization’s governance structure and ensuring you deploy resources effectively.

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Organizational Audits and Strategic Planning

It is important to know where your organization is heading, and it is critical that your mission, vision, strategy, processes, and people are aligned. Our organizational audits and strategic planning services create the necessary alignment to achieve desired results.

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Training and Coaching

Your organization’s greatest assets are the individual men and women who influence its mission, vision, culture, strategies, and results. Our corporate training, executive coaching, and nonprofit training services develop strong organizational leaders at all levels.

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Governance and Resource Deployment

A strong board is vital in an organization’s leadership structure, and strategic resource deployment is critical in achieving organizational priorities. Our governance services enhance board operations by focusing on best practices, and we support organizations as they seek to effectively utilize their human, information, and capital resources.

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Our Team

The strength of Ethos services is founded upon carefully considering the goals, objectives, and culture of your organization, and matching you with a member of the Ethos team who has experience leading similar initiatives and organization types. We hope you will take a few minutes to get to know us because we want to be more than your consultants - we want to be your valued partners.

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