Ethos Leadership's Blog

Hello, world! Welcome to Ethos Leadership's Blog. Ethos Leadership Group, LLC is an employee training consultancy based in Washington, DC. Since 1988, Ethos has been a premier consulting firm and has a well-earned reputation for making strong employees stronger.

I'm Rebekah Mathis-Stump (Becky) and I'm the chief blogger; I also am the Chief Operating Officer at Ethos. Dr. James Johnson is the Chief Executive Officer. Together, we own the company and have over 35 years of experience in leadership and consulting positions.

Ethos constructs and disseminates programs that respond to emerging trends in areas such as leadership, executive skills, cross-generational communication, negotiation, team facilitation, risk management and risk taking, productivity, strategic planning, governance, and legal issues in the workplace.

Ethos Leadership's Blog will challenge its readers to develop strong habits of leadership by posting quotes, insights, and practical advice to "muscle up" your leadership.

Enjoy! Becky