Doing the Right Things

Every leader's day is packed with people and tasks competing for your attention. Your calendar is jammed with appointments and your voice mail is stacked with phone messages. Which items deserve your attention? Before you can answer that question, you need to remember that leadership is about doing the right things. Simply, that means you need to consider your core values, principles, and mission before you determine what to do next.

You're nodding your head right now because you agree (philosophically) with my last statement. But when's the last time that actually you sat in a quiet room and considered the foundational question for your leadership -- are you pursuing your calling?

Are your pursuits on a parallel path with what you were called to do? Leaders who make the largest impact are those who understand their calling and make choices to do that "right thing."

Take a few minutes today to consider this important question.

Enjoy the journey! Becky