Leading vs. Managing

In Principle-Centered Leadership, Stephen Covey contrasts leadership and management by noting: 1. Leadership deals with direction, management deals with speed

2. Leadership deals with vision and with effectiveness and results, management deals with establishing structure and systems to get those results

3. Leadership focuses on the top line, management focuses on the bottom line

4. Leadership has two parts – one having to do with vision and direction, values and purposes, and the other with inspiring and motivating people to work together with a common vision and purpose.

5. The basic role of a leader is to foster mutual respect and build a complementary team where each strength is made productive and each weakness made irrelevant. The essential role of a manager is to use leverage to multiply the work and role of the producer.

While leading and managing both have their place, you've been called to lead. 

Are you leading?

Enjoy the reflection! Becky