What We Need to Know

In Walking with God, John Eldredge notes that "we don't want to know what we desperately need to know." Unfortunately, I've watched leaders succumb to this trap in its many forms. Whether it's the CEO who wants to avoid the dismal cash projection from the CFO or the Executive Director who wants to talk about global objectives without exploring the details that will make or break the goals, leaders sometimes avoid the information they desperately need.

Information is power! If you want to make the best possible decisions, you need information -- as much of it as you can get, in as many forms as possible, from as many people who are willing to share it.

CAUTION: don't stretch my observation too far. I already envision some of you who are shy about making decisions reading this blog and saying that a leadership consultant said that you have to wait to for ALL of the information before you can make a decision. I didn't say that!

In fact, let me be clear -- you will NEVER have enough information to provide ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY regarding decisions you will have to make as a leader. But, that's no excuse for avoiding information that you don't want to see. And that's the major issue with this leadership trap. Leaders are supposed to provide vision for the future, but they can't do that with their eyes closed!

So, leaders, open up your eyes and start looking for what you NEED to know rather than just what you WANT to know.

Enjoy the new sights! Becky