What's In Your Bucket?

I had the pleasure of attending a workshop hosted by Jerold Panas, Linzy & Partners last week. One of the speakers was Karen Osborne. In her presentation, Karen provided some cool strategies to help prioritize work. In effect, she said we have 3 or 4 primary work buckets and when a task doesn't fall into one of those buckets, we shouldn't take responsibility for it.

That last phrase was tough for you over-achievers, huh? I mean, how could you possibly say "no" to a new task? Who would be disappointed? Who would think less of you? What would you think of yourself?

Bottom line, when we put too much into our buckets, we load them down to the point they can't be carried. Then, we keep putting stuff in and they begin to overflow. And we lose the tasks that were in them. Probably the ones that were most important for us to complete!

What are the 3 or 4 primary buckets in your work world? Having a little difficulty? Take a look at mine.

Bucket # 1: Ethos Client Deliverables (we must deliver what we promise) Bucket # 2: Ethos Marketing (we should invest time in finding new business) Bucket #3: Ethos Research (we need to stay fresh for our clients)

I've been operating within Karen's "buckets" for the last week, and I love it. Hope you will too.

Enjoy playing in the sand (with your bucket)! Becky