Teamwork Anyone?

It is almost August, which in my home means it's time for college football. My husband, Jeff, and I are loyal fans of the West Virginia University Mountaineers and we spend the month of August conducting the countdown to kick-off. I enjoy almost every aspect of a football Saturday (or Thursday or Friday depending on whether our game is on ESPN). And one of my favorite parts is the teamwork. I love to see guys executing their "assignments" for the team and the "results" of their collective efforts. And I really enjoy watching the guys "celebrate" a big win with a prayer huddle on the flying "WV" in the middle of the field.

Those images make me think our workplaces could use a little more teamwork. We need to do our jobs, work together, and celebrate our success.

Having trouble building a team? Ask yourself whether your team may be suffering from the 5 things that sabotage teamwork:

1. Ridicule

2. Gossip

3. Going against your word

4. Being self-centered

5. Complaining

Does your division, office or company have a climate that destroys teamwork?

Gut check time!