Finding Your Motivation to Lead

I am blessed to facilitate a leadership development class for honors students at Ohio Valley University in Vienna, WV. Last week, I asked the students to identify their personal leadership profile - strengths and weaknesses as a leader - and have someone who knows them well to react to their assessment. I read their responses with interest because I discovered most of them eschew the idea of being a leader. Don't misunderstand - they believe they have leadership qualities (some of them are quite confident of their leadership ability in fact), but they lack the motivation to lead, noting that they will take a leadership role if/when asked. While I believe some of this is a trend among Millennial students, I also believe motivation to lead is an issue across generational sets. I have met many clients who had fantastic leadership qualities and numerous people who would follow them anywhere, but they refused to step up and lead. Theodore Roosevelt was once described as a great man, to which he responded, "No. I am merely an ordinary man who is highly motivated." The world needs leaders. When will you find your motivation?