Showing the Love to Your Mentors

It's Valentine's Day. Across the nation, many people are taking this opportunity to share special thoughts with those they love and appreciate. While I agree with individuals who suggest we shouldn't need a designated day to express our feelings for those who are important in our lives because we should be willing to do so all the time, I don't think it's necessary to "shy away" from this chance for the sake of "boycotting" the "commercialism" of the holiday. Leaders, here's what I want you to do - please call, write, email, or text at least one of your mentors today. Let them know how much they mean to you. I started this process yesterday when I emailed one of my professors from the West Virginia University College of Law. Gerry Ashdown was a first-year criminal law professor and the person who gave me an opportunity to engage in research experiences that I still value today (i.e. exploring issues for presentation at continuing legal education seminars, working on a textbook that bears his name, and writing a writ of cert to the Supreme Court of the US). I believe Gerry Ashdown helped to hone the analytical skills I use every day in working with my clients. For that, I owe him my gratitude - thanks, Gerry!

It's important to say "thanks" and "I appreciate you." Please take the time to do so today!