Advancing Your Leadership

Advance, and never halt, for advancing is perfection (Khalil Gibran) I met a leader recently who felt she had "arrived" - I am sure you've met others like her. They acquire a position, influence, some (forced) followers, and immediately believe they have no need to advance in their leadership skills - after all, they have the position they wanted, direct reports, and the "pats on the back" from members of the executive leadership team. Who could ask for anything more?

Well, pretty soon, the lady I met and all those like her because they will have lost it all. Leadership is not a position. Leadership is not a "right" of those who work hard. Leadership is not permanent. Leadership is influence - and you must advance your influence if you desire to remain a leader. But how?

1. Continue to learn

2. Continue to seek guidance from those who led/lead you

3. Continue to serve others

4. Continue to demonstrate the passion that earned your first follower

5. Continue to work harder than you ask any of your team members to work

6. Continue to ask God to help you develop as a leader and give you leadership opportunities

The minute you stop developing as a leader, you start losing your influence. Advance, never halt!