Lasting Leadership

Will your leadership last? I don't mean will you establish a legacy that will live after you are gone. I mean, will your leadership last - even into next week? As human beings, we are drawn to people who appear "credible." That concept may mean different things to each of us (i.e. credibility may equal wisdom, charm, humor, or any other attributes we admire) - but in the final analysis, the reason we have followers initially is because they find us to be credible - worth following if you will.

What makes leadership last is integrity - the concept that we are whole, unimpaired, uncorrupted. In other words, our followers must see that we "walk the walk" in addition to "talking the talk." If we are initially worth following because we demonstrate wisdom, we need to do that consistently. If we are initially worth following because we demonstrate charm, we better be charming rather than alarming on a routine basis.  If we are initially worth following because we have a good sense of humor, we better be able to take a joke.

You get the point, but the remaining question for your consideration is two-fold: (1) do you know what makes you "credible" to your followers, and (2) are you demonstrating your "integrity" to them in those attributes?

Credibility will help you initially, but in the end, lasting leadership is about integrity.