Characteristics of Leaders

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of visiting with Dr. Robert Stephens, President of The Bernard McDonough Foundation Board of Directors. Bob has led individuals, groups, and organizations for more than three decades. I want to share Bob's thoughts about the characteristics of leaders:

  • Leaders have strong character - they develop strong character from absolute truths, values, optimistic attitudes, and enthusiastic spirits
  • Leaders are committed - they believe in the mission and never give up
  • Leaders are courageous - they accept responsibility and never settle for the status quo
  • Leaders are passionate - they know their organizations will not rise above their passion
  • Leaders value people and relationships - they build a climate of mutual respect, trust, and access
  • Leaders have vision - they take people somewhere
  • Leaders are humble - they are never driven by power, recognition or greed
  • Leaders have goals - they know good results start with clear goals
  • Leaders are results-oriented - they drive toward completion of their goals

I share Bob's observations with you to give you a new measuring stick for your personal leadership. How are you measuring up?