It's a Matter of Trust

I recently read a book on trust by Mike Armour, a leadership consultant based in Dallas, TX, and a colleague of mine. In his book, Mike discusses the importance of trust in leadership. It's a powerful concept - and I suggest you pick up a copy for yourself - I am reminded of the importance of trust in leadership as I head to Austin, TX for a meeting with my business partner. Before he was my partner, James was my boss, leader, and mentor at Ohio Valley University in Vienna, WV. He earned my trust because of the way he treated me and our work. I never questioned where I stood with him (even if that was occasionally on a hot seat or two of my own making), what our goals were, or how he would respond to difficult situations. We didn't always agree (still don't), but I never questioned the integrity of the position he was taking in our times of tension. The foundation of trust we established as leader-follower has blossomed into a successful partnership - and I can assure you I never would have entered our business agreement were it not for that trust factor.

How are you rating on the "trust scale" with your followers?