Miserable Job?

I just finished reading Patrick Lencioni's "The Three Signs of a Miserable Job." I was intrigued by the title - not because I have a miserable job - I love my job so much it seems unfair to call it a job. Rather, I was drawn to the book because I meet many people who talk about their jobs as if they are miserable. Lencioni's three signs of a miserable job include:

(1) Anonymity - people must be understood and appreciated at work - those that aren't have miserable jobs

(2) Irrelevance - people must know their job matters to someone - those that don't have miserable jobs

(3) Immeasurement - people must be able to gauge their progress and level of contribution - those that don't have miserable jobs

As a leader, do you have a miserable job?

More to the point, are you a contributing factor to the miserable jobs that others have?

Help your people have great jobs - it's part of a leader's responsibility!