Leadership Encounter at Subway

I was traveling to Nashville, TN yesterday and stopped at a Subway near Lexington, KY to eat some lunch. The Subway team member who served me was new, so when I asked for a steak salad, she said "Absolutely, but it may take me a minute to figure out how to ring it up because I've never rung up a salad like this before." I asked if it would be better if I just ordered the grilled chicken salad (which is actually on the menu) and she said, "No, of course not, I am happy to make the steak salad and I will figure out how to ring it up." Still a bit concerned for her, I pressed a bit further and asked if she would have difficulties with her manager if she didn't ring it up correctly. Her answer, "No, my manager is great. He will tell me what I didn't do correctly, but in a way that helps me and makes me want to do it right the next time." WOW - what great answers on all counts! It was a 5-minute encounter, but it was an encounter that demonstrated leadership. How are you demonstrating leadership this week?