Just Be You

First, I want to apologize about the delay in between blog posts. It's been a busy month for Ethos, and I just haven't made writing this blog a priority. No excuses, just facts! Second, I want to challenge you to just be you. Over the past few weeks, I have encountered too many leaders who just don't believe in themselves. They have followers, but they are constantly questioning whether their basic skills and even their core personality traits are suited to leadership. Do you ever find yourself questioning whether you have "what it takes" to be a good leader?  If you have followers, the answer is "YES!"

There is no "magic formula" for leadership. The key is being the best you that you can be. You are who you are - if you spend too much time focused on trying to change yourself into someone else, your will lose your followers during your identity crisis. At Ethos, we follow a simple rule - spend at least 70% of your time strengthening your strengths and the rest neutralizing your weaknesses. Note, the key (and the majority of your time) should be in strengthening the core of who you are - the rough edges will start to smooth if you keep that focus.

Try just being you this week, and let me know how it works!