Farewell to One of My Favorite Leaders

On Friday night, I sat in a hotel room in NJ anxiously awaiting watching the final outs of Game 7 of the World Series. I was jubilant after the St. Louis Cardinals won. My excitement turned to a bit of sorrow today as I learned of Tony LaRussa's retirement. I have been a fan of the Cardinals for many years - and I became a fan of Tony LaRussa when he joined the Cardinals in 1996. I could extol Tony's virtues as a leader with many words - pages even. I suggest, instead, you read the "take" of the professionals found at these links:




Tony LaRussa wasn't a perfect leader - on or off the field. One need only reference a drunk-driving charge and several on-field altercations to find the flaws. But for each of those imperfections, LaRussa offered numerous qualities that made him a phenomenal leader - visionary, motivator, strategist to name a few - and he never allowed his mistakes to determine his future as a leader.

We all have "flaws" but that doesn't negate our ability to lead. Tony taught me that, and I challenge you to follow his example.