Penn State and Questions of Leadership

The saga unfolding at Penn State University is deeply disturbing on many levels:

  • If the charges (or any part of them) leveled against Jerry Sandusky are true, there are several men dealing with the aftermath of significant sexual abuse that occurred in their youth
  • If the "I reported up" explanations demonstrate the level of responsibility that many took in this situation, there are several "leaders" who failed those kids
  • If the apparent concern for the state of the football program impacted whether those leaders took the proper steps, there is a sad and sickening mix-up of priorities at the university

Leaders don't take advantage of their followers. Leaders don't ignore blatant abuses of power. Leaders don't "pass the buck" to others. Leaders don't elevate activities beyond their proper status.

I pray the allegations we have heard are false, but regardless, the responses (or lack thereof) of the "leaders" in this situation should serve to remind us what happens when real leaders don't step up.

If you are a leader, take responsibility.