Hope Became Reality

I don't typically use this space to write about personal matters. In fact, I very rarely write about personal matters at all - some of my Facebook friends actually chide me for failing to write "anything personal" on my status updates. Well, today, I am via this blog entry. Since July, I have been wearing a "HOPE" bracelet in honor of my mom who has been battling breast cancer. From the time my mom called to tell me about the original diagnosis, I began praying for a miracle. And, I don't mean the run-of-the-mill guide the doctors to treat her and help her kind of miracle - I mean a full-blown God do something that demonstrates His power of creation & resurrection kind of miracle. I wore my bracelet every day - even when I had to meet with clients, speak at retreats, and conduct coaching sessions. I wore it as a reminder to me of my hope for a miracle and as a way to remind God that I was serious about my request.

Today, my hope became reality. My mom completed her radiation and is cancer-free. I don't know how God did it. And, to be honest, I don't care. All I know is that I will share many more phone calls and texts with her, will see more plays with her, will have more shopping expeditions with her, and will watch her beam like a little girl when she opens her Christmas presents next month.

As I reflect on this gift, I also know that if the battle had turned the other way my hope still would have become reality. Because my larger hope is tied to Whom my mom belongs and the fact that He would have taken her to heaven should she have lost the fight. I am thankful that she did not, but I am equally thankful THAT hope can become reality too.

Here's to "HOPE" and the One who makes it reality.

Giving thanks, Becky