Rejected as a Leader?

Have you ever been rejected as a leader? Perhaps you turned around and realized no one was following you. Perhaps you have been removed from a position. Perhaps you have been fired. Regardless of the circumstances, it's never comfortable to be rejected. It leaves us feeling ineffective, unappreciated, and unprepared to move to our next role. While I believe we should reflect on how we can improve for our next role as a leader, I think we have to embrace the fact that the new role will come. I have seen many leaders who were effective in certain settings, but failed in others. Does that mean the person is no longer a leader? No, it means he/she is not the right leader for that particular situation or circumstance.

If you've been rejected in one setting, don't assume that means you don't have leader material. Find the place you can lead effectively and get to it!

Lead on, Becky