I resolve...

Ah, yes, January 1 has come and gone. It's now January 2, and many "New Year's Resolutions" have already been stretched, broken or down-right violated. I think a primary reason for those "failures" is that few understand what it means to "resolve." A quick search and tour of results on Google will explain that "resolve" means "to come to a definite and earnest decision about something."

We "resolve" when we study something, pray on it, meditate over it, consider consequences of action (or inaction), and finally commit to the necessary steps that it will require to accomplish our chosen goal. It's more than saying, "I want to lose weight" or "I want to be a better leader" or "I want to keep my office cleaned." It's a process that leads to execution of actions toward that goal, not just "fly-by-night" proclamations of intent.

So, what do you resolve to do this year? Be careful not to answer too quickly!