Leaders Need to Rest

I am a little late writing my blog this week. If you noticed, sorry. If you didn't, forget I said anything. I was delayed because I haven't been feeling well. I've had a bit of a fever, cold symptoms, and no appetite since Monday morning. In my younger days, I would have pushed through this "minor annoyance" and worked diligently every day. This week, I chose to allow myself time to rest on Monday and Tuesday so that I could rebound today because I have a class to teach tonight and presentations on Friday and Saturday.

If I had pursued my "former" way of dealing with illness, I would still be sick and likely would be unable to bring the "best Becky" to my class and my clients. And my class and my clients deserve the best I can give them.

Unfortunately, many leaders sacrifice their best by giving of themselves when they are in no condition to do so - whether physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually.

Leaders need to rest!

Are you allowing yourself to do it? Becky