The Wonder of Leading

My natural mom (Carol) gave me a cool birthday present when I met her last week - "The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. I've read it three times now, exploring the meanings in my life and contemplating what the book may mean to her.

As I was reflecting on the book this morning, I started thinking about how leading is like exploring. There's a new place to go, a new idea to think, a new concept to ponder, a new "wonder" to "wonder." And, like the Little Prince discovers in his encounters with the men on their respective planets and his own rose, relationships are a core component of the exploration. In relationship, we truly become responsible.

I don't know what you are exploring in your leadership role right now, but don't forget that "your people" need to be walking alongside you. The wonder of leading is wrapped in the beauty of relationship with your followers.

Enjoy your journey...and your followers!