Followers Matter

I recently had an interesting conversation with a friend about the tendency of individuals to "take for granted" the family and friends who are close to them in proximity. As I reflected on her comments, I started to wonder how many leaders "take for granted" their followers. If you haven't noticed, there are tons of people out there trying to be leaders. They dress well, speak smoothly, and "woo" followers from with-out, and with-in, your organization. Many of these leaders are genuine leaders - leaders who have a strong vision for the future and empower their followers to achieve that vision. Others are false leaders - they have enough appeal to gather a following, but cannot sustain that following because they're not really going anywhere.

What does that have to do with you? Simply put, if you aren't showing appreciation for your followers, someone else will - and then you won't have them anymore. People want to be noticed, appreciated, and, dare I say it, loved. We have "special days" almost every month to honor groups of people (eg, mothers, fathers, grandparents, siblings, bosses, adminstrative assistants, etc). How often do you honor your followers? Without them, you are little - and you're definitely not a leader because you can't be one without followers.

Let your team know how much you appreciate them. It will do all of you a lot of good! Becky