Don't Mind the Delay

I typically post a blog every two weeks, but I have been delayed a bit. I apologize to those who wait patiently every other Tuesday for my post. Okay, I realize that's probably no one, but I do appreciate those who read this blog and I am sorry it's been a month since my last post. So why the delay?

To put it simply, I'm blessed. Blessed to have a group of clients who trust me to deliver the results they need. Blessed to have a husband with whom I enjoy spending time. Blessed to have a family (actually, make that families) who give their time and attention to me. Blessed to have friends who enjoy an occasional night out. Blessed to serve on the boards of worthwhile causes in my neck of the woods. Blessed with time to do all of those things. And blessed to recognize some schedules (even a "blog every two weeks schedule") are meant to be ignored.

I don't mind the delay. And I hope when things "creep up" in your life and violate your schedule, you don't either!

Enjoy the chaos of life! Becky