Today, I had the pleasure of working with a great client group regarding customer service. We spent the morning discussing the "hallmark characteristics" of the customer service culture they desire to create and we talked about specific ways to achieve the desired culture. As I drove home from our meeting, I reflected on how/why/when service became, well, lacking. If you haven't noticed, exceptional service is difficult to find these days. In fact, it is so rare, we get excited about basic service. Think about the last time you ate fast food and had a "special" order? When the order was CORRECT, were you excited? We're so conditioned that our order will be wrong, we actually get excited when it's correct. How sad.

I don't know where you lead, but wherever it is, you are also a servant. Embrace the role. Serve well. Serve exceptionally well. It will make a difference.

For the sake of service, Becky