Rising Leaders

I have the pleasure of working with 7th and 8th graders at Camp Manatawny in Douglasville, PA this week. Camp Manatawny is a unique, and special place, which is borne out by the number of counselors and staff members who are "camp alumni" - many even attended the Junior High II week they are now working. I teach classes, work in the canteen, and assist in games throughout the week - bottom line, I get to see the campers in many settings. I've been impressed by their willingness to listen quietly when others speak, share important thoughts, serve their fellow campers, step aside in line and let someone else take their place, purchase drinks or candy for their friends, and generally demonstrate a respectful attitude in all activities.

Many of these campers are rising leaders - they are developing the attitudes and skills that will enable them to commit to important activities, encourage others to follow, endure difficult times, and win with honor.

What a blessing to see these young people in action and to be a small contributor in their development. I hope you are taking the time to help young leaders rise as well. Not only will it benefit them, but you will be inspired by their example.

Happy Camping! Becky