Where Will You be Called to Lead?

When the men and women on United Flight 93 sat at the boarding gate on 9/11/2001, I'm confident they didn't expect to face the toughest leadership challenge they would ever stare down later that morning. I'm sure they were thinking about a million other things - the business meeting they were headed to, getting home in time to watch their daughter's soccer game, the silly fight they had with their husband the night before, the family reunion they just attended, or the big decision they needed to make at work. As they boarded the plane and found their seats, I imagine many of them were making last minutes phone calls, completely unaware of the life and death situation shortly to unfold. Even as the hijackers made their initial moves toward the airline staff, I suspect many of the passengers still didn't quite grasp the gravity of the situation. But, at some point, the passengers of United Flight 93 realized the challenge they faced, and chose to lead. I pray that none of us will ever face a leadership challenge like those brave men and women, but I know we will face moments when our leadership is required. It may be inside our family unit, part of our community service, or related to our work, but there will be a time when the leadership skills we have been blessed with, and chosen to enhance, will be needed. Where will you be called to lead? Will you be ready? Just a couple of questions to ponder on this day of reflection. Becky