Help Others Love Their Jobs

While driving through the winding roads of West Virginia yesterday, I was reflecting on how much I love my job. I feel truly blessed each day I wake up because I am excited about the work the day holds in store for me. I think my feelings are enhanced because I see so many people who are miserable in their jobs - and it is obvious! Why are those people so unhappy with their work and/or their work environment?

  • They are not connected to the cause. Many people just can't support their organization's mission, values, and vision. Whether those core ideas have been poorly communicated or the employee just can't muster concern for them is to be debated, but we have to believe in the cause or we won't enjoy working for it.
  • They are not working in their strengths. Many people are assigned to tasks or job descriptions that have little relevance to their actual strengths. Employers often hire people for specific jobs based on education or experience rather than strengths suited to the position. When we work in our strengths, we are more productive and happier on the job.
  • They are not marching toward a goal. Many people don't see the relevance of their work to the larger picture of the organization. If we feel like our daily work isn't taking our organization somewhere, it's hard to get excited about it. We want to go somewhere, not just sit in the bus.
  • They are not reaping the benefits of strong leadership. Many organizations lack strong leaders who are willing to mentor others. If leaders invest in us we want to respond, but when there are no leaders who view "growing leaders" as part of their personal mission, we are not challenged to grow.

It's time to make work fun again. Lead on! Becky