A Rant About Selfishness

I very rarely use this blog as a "rant" but I witnessed something today that deserves discussion. As I was observing a client site, I watched a mom force her four year old daughter to wait outside while the mom smoked not one, not two, not three, but four cigarettes in the sub-40 degree temperatures. The little girl, who was strapped into a car-seat, was wrapped in a lightweight coat - definitely not warm enough for the situation. This made me start thinking about all the selfishness I have been witnessing lately. People who are motivated to act only in their best interests. While I understand the need to watch out for ourselves in some situations, I think we make the world a lonely and cold place when we focus only on what we want in every given moment of the day. When we act out of self-interest consistently, we alienate our friends, loved ones, and followers, and reduce our potential to be a positive influence in their lives.

Selfless leadership is the best kind - whether it's with your spouse, your children, or your team. Be a leader who is willing to sacrifice rights and take on responsibility, and you will be a leader who others follow.

Lead strong, but selflessly! Becky