The Uniting/Dividing Line

The Ethos team is diverse. We come from varied backgrounds, have differing political views, and each of us employs unique skills. But we are united as a team. I have been reflecting on this blessing for the last few hours because of the division I see across news reports, social media outlets, and face-to-face conversations over the tragic events in Newtown, CT. It seems such a horrific situation would not create a dividing line, but it has, and most of it is centered on one topic - gun control. I suspect there will be secondary topics that surface over the next several hours - security at schools, how to address the needs of the mentally ill, etc. - and these will become just as hotly debated in the upcoming weeks. I know our team, and I know we would have several passionate conversations if we chose to discuss the issues that divide us at this moment. For instance, in our team, we have gun owners and gun control advocates. We co-exist peacefully because we know the right time to discuss those matters. We know there is a time and place to debate the lines that divide us. And we know that time is NOT right now.

Instead, our team will focus on the things that unite us: love of family, respect for leaders, and faith. Our team will spend the upcoming days and weeks:

  • Mourning with the parents who will never hold their children again and the families who lost moms, dads, brothers, and sisters;
  • Holding those we love a little closer and a little longer;
  • Honoring the leaders/heroes who risked everything to save the children in their care - some of whom live on today and some of whom lost their lives yesterday;
  • Praying for the surviving family members of Adam Lanza, who are going to live with the stigma of this event for this rest of their lives; and
  • Celebrating with the 20 children who were greeted by a Heavenly Father who wiped their tears and hugged away their fears - turning the most horrific experience of their lives into a faded memory as He wrapped His loving arms around each of them and showed them their new home - a home where children are always loved and adored and never threatened by the hatred and violence that divides our broken world.

Blessed by the things that unite us, Becky