Organizational Memory - Take a Deep Breath

In recent weeks, Sarah Barton has been leading us through a journey of collecting organizational memory. This process is important and intense, so we thought you might want to take a deep breath and focus on all you have accomplished thus far.

  1. You've committed to "finding" your organizational memory. You agree that your organization could use some assistance in storing its memories and know it will help as you make policy changes, need to find historical data, and prepare for staff turnover.
  2. You've created a "dream team." You have identified key individuals inside your organization who have access to paper and electronic files and they have agreed to establish processes for managing organizational information, ensure accessibility to the data, and institute guidelines for new information to be added to the organizational memory.
  3. You've cleaned out your closets. Your team has identified documents that will serve as the foundation of your organizational memory.


You should celebrate a job "well done" on your journey to date. It takes commitment, focus, and drive to complete these tasks, and you've done it. Congratulations!

Don't get too comfortable though because Sarah will be back with the next steps in a couple of weeks.

Rest while you can, Becky