Are You Role Competent?

Recently, I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Maria O'Rourke, a pioneer in role-based clarity and practice. Dr. O'Rourke's work, primarily in the field of nursing, has created a legacy of role-based professionals who understand that they are professionals first, nurses second, and their job-specific titles third. Dr. O'Rourke's professional role model challenges all professionals to act as:

1. Leaders - who make decisions regarding client needs based on the best evidence available to them

2. Scientists - who gather data and make observations in order to give themselves tools to make decisions

3. Transferors - who communicate with colleagues in order to create synergy within their multi-disciplinary teams

4. Practitioners - who carry out their daily tasks with clarity and confidence.

I believe these competencies are crucial for any professional and hope you will use them to "check yourself" in your daily work.

Thanks, Dr. O'Rourke, for your insights. Becky

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