Work and Rest and Choices

For those who read this blog regularly, you will likely notice I am a week late in posting. I try to post every other Tuesday, but last week I just didn't get to it. I spent all day working with my teammates on a fundraising audit at a college and by the time we completed our conversation, I was tired. You know the tired I mean? The kind where your body is pumping on adrenaline and your mind is racing, but you can't move a muscle or capture a thought. Yeah, that kind of tired. And I was faced with a choice. Do I write a blog post or get some rest? That choice doesn't sound like a big deal. If I'm tired, I should rest. Problem solved. But it is a big deal to choose AGAINST an activity that demonstrates your consistency - especially when you think people are "counting" on you. Yeah, I know, it's just a blog post and it's not like I have thousands of readers, but I have made a commitment to post and that's important to me. Never more so than last week because I had been gently reminded by a reader that I needed to update my blog. Yes, that reminder came BEFORE my choice and, yes, my reader had been incorrect that I was late, but still it added some pressure.

And, yet, I chose to rest. Perhaps it is because I was lazy. Perhaps it is because I couldn't capture a thought to write about and would have had difficulty typing. Perhaps it's because I don't value consistency all that much after all. Perhaps it's because I wondered whether my thoughts really mean that much to my readers anyway.

In truth, I can't tell you why I chose to sleep rather than write. I just know I did. But here's what I like to think. Perhaps I realized that when faced with a choice regarding two important activities, there is a better option in the moment and I chose wisely. Yeah, that's what I like to think, so it's what I choose to think.

Now the big question - why should you care? Because you are a leader. The kind of non-stop, pedal-to-the-medal, driven leader that gets stuff done. Lots of stuff. And every once in a while, you just need to STOP DOING STUFF AND REST. Leadership isn't always about activity, even good activity. Sometimes leadership is about rejuvenation. Rejuvenation that leads to better results down the road. While this post isn't eloquent, it's better than what I would have written a week ago, and that is worth something.

Here's to nap time! Becky