I'm Thankful For...

  • All the times I "nail" a client project or workshop
  • And all the times I have to reflect on what I could have done better
  • All the bosses who have taught me what it means to be a leader
  • And all the bosses who have taught me that having subordinates doesn't automatically make you a leader
  • All the clients who are a joy to work with and for
  • And all the clients who make me want to pull my hair out
  • All my Ethos colleagues when we have a common mind and spirit
  • And all my Ethos colleagues even when we don't see things the same way
  • All the times I've been a strong leader
  • And all the times I've failed to lead effectively
  • All the followers I have influenced to lead
  • And all the followers who have helped me understand that following IS a form of leading
  • All the skills that God blessed me with
  • And all the skills that God blessed others with so that I can clearly see my weaknesses

What are you thankful for? Becky