Why I Just Became a Fan of the Utah Jazz

I don't watch much NBA basketball. When I do turn on games, I am primarily hoping to see the San Antonio Spurs, who I enjoy watching because their teamwork and selflessness on the court are remarkable. In the upcoming NBA season, I also think I'll cheer for the Utah Jazz. Earlier this week, the Jazz signed a one-day contract with JP Gibson, a five year old who is battling cancer. Not only did the Jazz host a press conference, where they featured JP signing his contract and receiving his official jersey, they also allowed him to play in a scrimmage and register a huge slam dunk (with some assistance from a teammate). Congratulations to the Utah Jazz for gaining many new fans across the country, and prayers to JP and his family as he continues his fight.

If you haven't seen JP's press conference or his slam dunk, take the 6 minutes you'll need to watch both. You won't regret the time spent watching this little boy and his family.