Doing What's Essential and What You Love

 Photo courtesy of Stuart Miles via

Photo courtesy of Stuart Miles via

I'm working with a client on a project designed to align their C-suite executive roles and their job descriptions, and create role clarity and understanding among the executive team. I'm in the first phases of the work, but am struck by the fact that some key executives are grinding it out day after day in tasks that aren't essential functions of their role in the company, and to make matters worse, they aren't even the tasks they love.

I don't know if that's an issue in your workplace, but if it is, you have to make a change. No one can consistently complete tasks that aren't role-essential (or that they don't love) and maintain enthusiasm for their work. Imagine an environment where a skilled sales-person never visited a prospective client or a capable financial officer never created financial forecasts. Can you see how laborious their work would become? Can you feel their frustration at the end of each day? Can you hear them telling their spouse that they just aren't doing what they were meant to do?

As leaders, part of our responsibility is to make sure that our team members are able to fulfill their roles. Not the "task creep" that has made its way to their to-do list, but the global role they signed up for when they were offered a position in our organization. Let's make sure our people are fulfilling their essential roles - because that's likely where we'll find the work they love and excel at too.