The Lost Art of Writing a Letter

 Photo Courtesy of Simon Howden via

Photo Courtesy of Simon Howden via

I spoke with an executive a few days ago who received a hand-written letter from one of his colleagues. He told me this fact, not because the letter had anything to do with our work with his company, but because the executive was complimenting the colleague on using this form of communication. Apparently, it has long been part of their practice to hand-write letters to one another and, despite the heavy workload they both carry, the tradition continues.

I can't recall the last time I received a hand-written letter. My world is filled with texts, emails, status updates, and tweets. All are valuable tools, but it appears to me they are missing the charm, elegance, and reflective nature of a letter. Modern technology has made it too easy to introduce the world to the ill-conceived thoughts and nuclear reactor of emotions that float in our souls and minds.

I miss letters. I want to write more letters. And I hope to receive more too.

Food for thought at the mid-week.