Identify Three Ways You Will Strengthen Your Leadership in 2016

  Photo courtesy of DDPavumba,

Photo courtesy of DDPavumba,

As is my custom, I am preparing to wind down my activities for the year so I can take a few weeks to reflect, rest, and recharge for 2016. Each year, I pick a few topics to focus on during my down time. This year, my number one focus area is how I will strengthen my leadership in 2016.

Sounds weird, right? After all, I am a leadership coach; even considered an expert among my clients. But, I need to continue growing my leadership too. In my daily work, I've noticed a few chinks in my leadership armor this year. At times, I haven't been as patient as I should have been to properly address a situation. At other times, I haven't been as assertive as I needed to be (which may be an over-correction on times I have been aggressive).

My leadership, just like yours, is a work in progress. No matter how effective we are (or appear to be), we can always be better. So, as I wind down 2015, I'm going to reflect on the leader I am and the one I want to be.

I invite you to join me by identifying three ways you will strengthen your leadership in 2016.


P.S. This will be our last blog post until after the New Year. Enjoy your holiday season, and look for our return on January 4th.