Preparing for Launch

 Photo taken by Rebekah Mathis-Stump

Photo taken by Rebekah Mathis-Stump

That's my view today from the 8th floor of a Holiday Inn Express at Daytona Beach Shores. It's mid-afternoon and I've spent the majority of the day preparing for the launch of several key Ethos projects that will take place in upcoming weeks. Considering it's approximately 20 degrees at Ethos headquarters, the breezy 55 degrees at the beach feels downright pleasant, enough so that we slept with the patio door open last night so we could listen to the crashing of the waves. But enough with the things that might make some of our Ethos friends jealous, and on to the point of this post.  

I'm thankful that my husband scheduled a business trip to Daytona and asked if I wanted to join him. The timing of this trip couldn't be better. As I mentioned, we are launching several key projects over the next few weeks, and I always need a time of quiet reflection to prepare for those events. I love our work, but a big project means lots of travel and even more interaction with clients, and I'm a homebody, introvert, so it can be tough to get myself geared up for that level of activity. That's where the beach comes into play. As much as I love the mountains of my chosen home state, I find the ocean calming - strangely so considering its powerful, constant movement - and I need calm. In a big way.

Left to its own devices, my mind races when I have new people to meet, new places to go, and new projects to start. And with at least 4 major projects on the horizon, my head has been spinning! But today, in the calming presence of the ocean, I have relaxed, and completed more items on my to-do list than I could have hoped, which means I'm ready to launch my parts of our projects! Thanks to Jeff for the invitation, and Daytona Beach for the view, and the Creator for designing a calming, yet powerful body of water.

Hope you all have a productive Friday and a great weekend!