Lessons from a Fortune Article about Tim Cook

 Photo courtesy of jscreationzs, FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Photo courtesy of jscreationzs, FreeDigitalPhotos.net

This morning a client sent a text to me with a link to an article and a request to take a few minutes to read it. The article about Apple's Tim Cook highlighted two very important concepts.

First, leadership comes in all shapes and sizes. A significant portion of the article is dedicated to discussing the differences between Tim Cook and Steve Jobs. It even includes a chart titled, "How Tim Thinks Different." While the distinctions are significant, I doubt that many could sustain an argument that suggests either of the men are failed leaders. In fact, it's likely history will paint them both as significant leaders in the world of technology, despite their differences. Leadership isn't a one-size fits all proposition.

Second, culture is critical. Despite their many differences, it is apparent that Tim Cook and Steve Jobs could agree on one thing - the unique culture of Apple was/is worth protecting. Perhaps the most striking section of the article references a senior leader that Cook parted ways with in 2013, who later noted in a speech that it was a shock to be let go over culture, rather than incompetence. Today's world features thousands upon thousands of competent individuals, but not all of those competent individuals will fit in your organization's culture. We should be just as zealous about securing and retaining employees who do as we are about finding skilled employees.

Just a few thoughts for a Wednesday afternoon,