Time to Step Up

  Photo courtesy of ChrisRoll, FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Photo courtesy of ChrisRoll, FreeDigitalPhotos.net

March Madness is here! For those who don't follow sports, March Madness is the moniker given to the NCAA Tournament, where 68 teams are put in a "win or go home" tournament format until a National Champion is decided among them.

I'm excited about March Madness because it has more drama spread over its 3 weeks than an average Netflix series. No offense to Netflix, but seriously!

There will be the David vs. Goliath story lines of no-name schools pitted against the blue bloods of basketball. There will be last-second shots that go in for the improbable win. And there will be heartbreak from the last second shots that rim out.

Perhaps my favorite part of March Madness is when an unsung hero emerges and leads his team to victory. The story is almost always the same - a young man who has been riding the pines all season steps up to make a big shot in the NCAA Tourney and leads his team when others were stifled.

I love that particular story because it happens to the no-name schools and the blue bloods. Because when a leader decides it's time to emerge, it doesn't matter what organization he's in or what job title he's been carrying or even whether he has been considered a critical player up to that point.

Once that leader emerges, even if for only one game, he can change the destiny of a team. Makes me wonder how many of us need to step up and lead our team in its upcoming critical moments.

What if we create some March Madness of our own?