Eliminate Distractions to Get Results

  Photo courtesy of Stuart Miles, FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Photo courtesy of Stuart Miles, FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Leadership is about a lot of things, but foundationally it's about getting results. That's why the head football coach who says all the right things at press conferences, participates actively in the community, and mentors his players to be better men will still get fired if he doesn't lead his team to win games. It's a harsh reality, but one we all must face as leaders.

After we've accepted this cold, hard fact, it's important that we identify the results we are trying to achieve. For many of us, that's a pretty simple analysis. We are working to achieve a specific mission or certain revenue parameters or some other goal that has been agreed upon by our stakeholders. The hard part is in determining what we have to DO to reach the goal.

As you consider the result you have to get for 2017 to be successful, I would encourage you to ask yourself what you have to STOP DOING to reach the goal. If you are like any of our clients, you are already DOING about as much as you can and your team is too. Just adding more activities into the equation will likely cause burn-out, frustration, and poor performance. And, in all likelihood, still won't get you the result you seek.

Instead of adding activities, ask yourself what you are currently doing that is really a distraction to getting the result you seek, and eliminate that item (or those items).

Even when our goals change, we have a tendency to hold on to activities that we were doing to reach prior goals. Sometimes we feel like we have to keep the activity going just because we started it. Other times, we believe stakeholders will not understand why we gave it up, so we just keep doing it. Whatever our reasoning, we are violating a fundamental leadership truth - getting results isn't about doing everything, it's about doing the right things in the right way.

Don't get caught in the "more is more" trap. When it comes to reaching our goals, less is usually more. So, embrace the concept of being focused and eliminate distractions. Not only do I believe you will get the results you want, I know you'll be a better leader and your team will thank you!