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Executive Coaching

Do you have managers who need to improve their ability to lead your diverse workforce? Is one of your leaders in need of help to move your organization forward? Do you need for your supervisors to increase capacity in order to assume more complex responsibilities?

Ethos Leadership Group wants to help your organization’s leaders get better results.

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JLA Global

Ethos designed and delivered one-on-one coaching plans for numerous employees at JLA Global. Coaching clients included…

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Tailor Made, Custom Fit

We provide comprehensive one-on-one executive coaching and individualized professional development through a combination of services including:

360° Assessment

Uses surveys, interviews of supervisors and colleagues, and direct reports to gather input about the individual's strengths and weaknesses as a leader.

Face-to-Face Assessment

Employs a variety of personality, social orientation, and workplace communication tools and a personal interview to allow Ethos to perform an independent analysis of the leader’s strengths and weaknesses.

Assessment Report

Provides a comprehensive report on the myriad of leadership assessments conducted and identifies leadership, communication, teamwork, and management styles of the leader.

Customized Coaching Plan

Identifies coaching topics that will enhance the management skills and positive leadership of the executive based on input from the 360° Assessment and the Face-to-Face Assessment, and presents specific desired outcomes for all coaching sessions.

One-on-One Coaching Sessions

Experts in specific subject areas relevant to the executive use reading assignments, exercises, and interactive dialogues to enhance strengths of the leader and neutralize any areas of concern.

Group Coaching Sessions

If requested, subject matter experts provide targeted training for the leader and his/her direct reports and colleagues in order to strengthen organizational skills, provide support for the desired changes identified in the 360° Assessment, and achieve more consistent team success.

Executive Summary Feedback

Consists of a detailed written report of each coaching session along with observations, concerns, and recommendations that will be delivered to the client's supervisor within 72 hours of the session.


Ethos coaches are available to coaching clients as mentors for the entirety of their careers.

Leadership matters. Partner with us to help you discover how much.
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