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The role of nonprofit board members is critical to an organization’s success. Board members are responsible for providing leadership and stewardship within an organization. Many nonprofits are stretched beyond their capacity so now it is more vital than ever that board members are equipped to handle these responsibilities.

Ethos Leadership Group wants to help your board identify and overcome organizational challenges and excel through the adoption of good governance practices.

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West Virginia Primary Care

Ethos conducted created, delivered, and analyzed a board self-assessment…

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On Board

We focus our governance services on seven key areas:

Establishing Mission and Providing Vision

Operating within Legal and Ethical Standards

The Board’s Role in Fundraising

Establishing Board and Staff Roles

Building a Strong Partnership Between the Board and CEO

Examining Board Structure, Policy, and Practices

Conducting Board Self-Assessments


Effective leadership starts with the Board. Contact us to inspire your organization’s primary leaders
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