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Organizational Audits

Organizations are composed of many teams. While these teams have individual goals, the sum of their work must achieve the global aspirations of the organization. It is important for an organization’s teams to be trained for both individual and global success. Ethos Leadership Group can equip your teams with the tools necessary to achieve both.

We conduct strategic audits of key teams within your organization to identify and support organizational growth at all levels. Featuring on-site assessment, review of best practices, and a comprehensive report of findings and recommendations, our organizational audits align mission, vision, strategy, processes, people, and results.

Featured Work:


Nebraska Christian College

Ethos conducted an audit of the Advancement operations at Nebraska Christian College. After providing its final report…

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Perfect Alignment

Ethos specializes in the following audit areas:


Assesses leadership, planning, management and staff, fundraising programs (including alumni), prospect development and management, information services, and advancement resources, and provides comprehensive recommendations to improve outcomes.


Analyzes product strategy, prospect strategy, prospect development and management, student experience, alumni experience, financial aid strategy, management and staff, information services, and enrollment resources, and provides comprehensive recommendations to improve outcomes.


Identifies the leadership profile of individual team members, examines the leadership culture of your department and/or organization, creates a strategy for development of senior leaders, and serves as a foundation for succession planning.

Human Resources

Examines advertising, interviewing and hiring practices, reviews job descriptions for the entire organization, and evaluates policies and procedures.


Identifies key individual, departmental, and organizational records suitable for archiving, creates a system for organizing important documents, and enhances the use of organizational records in decision-making.

Alignment is critical in order to function as a whole. Contact us to assess and align your organizational teams.
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