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Strategic Planning

Organizations often experience marketplace challenges that force them to make decisions on the run. In some instances these decisions lead to successful results, but often these decisions create negative, long-term impact on the organization’s goals, mission and vision. To effectively prepare for unexpected challenges, it is important for all decisions to be based on strategic planning.

Ethos Leadership Group provides a strategic planning framework that can be used to guide global organizational planning as well as day-to-day decision-making, even in the most chaotic times.

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Shenandoah Valley Medical System

Ethos facilitated strategic planning sessions for Shenandoah Valley Medical System during a critical time…

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Plan Your Work / Work Your Plan

We guide leadership teams through a strategic planning process that addresses the following key areas:

Defining Reality

Identifying Core Values

Reviewing Mission

Developing Vision

Creating Strategic Goals, Objectives, & Key Action Steps

Tying Goals to Budget

Setting Accountability & Reporting Standards

Establishing Internal & External Communication Models


Strategy trumps crisis. Partner with us to help your organization prepare to meet every challenge by providing a strategic framework for day‑to‑day decision‑making.
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